Many things to come…

Kyoto Tofukuji Koyo Autumn colorsAfter taking the X-E1 with me for a 2-day temple-marathon in Kyoto, and then for a quick jump to Jakarta, I am basically drowning below the images to sort out and edit… I also need to put my thoughts about how the X-E1 fared in the field during those peregrinations in order, so that I can share them with you here. More on that to come pretty soon… But while this is definitely in the pipeline, the light is great in Tokyo these days, so, rather than staying in front of my computer to do all that, I just could not resist to going to Odaiba for some long exposure shots of the Rainbow Bridge. Since the X-E1 does not have a real ultra-wide angle lens yet, I took the D800 with me. See the result below:

Tokyo Odaiba Rainbow Bridge at NightLet me know what you think, and if you want me to test something specific on the X-E1, just leave a comment under this post.

Talk to you soon…

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