Fujifilm X-T1 Film Simulation

Just like the other Fujifilm X-Series cameras, the X-T1 lets you choose from a variety of “film simulation” modes, that will impact the look of the JPEG that will be output by the camera’s engine (obviously no impact on the RAW file). Let’s have a look at all the different film simulation choices that are available.


Film SimulationVELVIA/VIVID

Film SimulationASTIA/SOFT

Film SimulationPRO Neg. Hi

Film SimulationPRO Neg. Std

Film SimulationB&W

Film SimulationMONOCHROME + Yellow Filter

Film Simulation


Film Simulation

MONOCHROME + Green Filter

Film SimulationSEPIA

Film Simulation

So what do you think of the different film simulation modes? Which ones do you use and for what kind of pictures?

I will be back soon with more infos/articles on the Fujifilm X-T1, meanwhile if you liked this article share it with your friend, subscribe to this blog to be notified when I publish new content, or follow me on Twitter @greenbalbo. Talk to you soon…

4 thoughts on “Fujifilm X-T1 Film Simulation

    1. Hi Nafis, I usually don’t use the JPEGs for the final version of my pictures, so for me the film simulation is no more than the way my images look on the back of my screen or the way they look when I share them directly on social media via wifi just after a shoot.

      Having said that, I usually select Astia for portraits, and I don’t think that classic chrome looks good for most portraits. That’s just a personal preference, I am sure that for some persons, in the right situation with the right theme and right desired color palette, it might be the best choice).

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