Fujifilm X-T1 Light Leak Issue

Fujifilm has acknowledged that some of the recently issued X-T1 cameras will suffer from light leak via the input slots on the side of the camera, when using a remote control (hence you have the floppy side open) during a (very) long exposure (typically with a 10-stops ND filter, you would not notice anything if you only shoot short exposures handheld). Unlike some of its competitors who brought shame on themselves (yes I am talking about you Nikon D600/D610…) and lost the trust of long-time users of the brand (like myself), Fujifilm has already announced it would fix the issue on your X-T1 for free, without waiting for the threat of a class action lawsuit or anything like that. You care about the trust of your customers or you don’t…

Leaving the X-T1 behind...

So I went to Fujifilm Square near Midtown in Tokyo today (open on a Sunday!), and left them my X-T1 for repair. They took my address and will send it back directly to my home in 2 weeks, and presented me with lengthy apologizes for the problem.

All the informations (in Japanese), with the serial number of the potentially impacted cameras, can be found here.

See you in 2 weeks, my dear X-T1, already missing you 😦

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