Fuji X-T1 rear D-Pad upgrade (and the handgrip is back!)

Early batches of X-T1 produced by Fuji came out with rear buttons that felt too much recessed and mushy, lacking the responsive “click” feeling that let you know what you are doing when you operate your camera without having to get your eyes off your subject in order to confirm you did press those buttons properly x-amount of times. Gritty Monkey was probably one of the first (in fact I believe the first) websites to report the issue. I bought the camera anyway because firstly I was in need of a weather-sealed X-series camera, but also because I prefer the ergonomic of the extra dial on the top plate rather than having a “Drive” button or having to go into a menu to change the ISO (I just wish the camera had kept a rangefinder type of design rather than some sort of DSLR design…). X-T1 rear As I mentioned in my VLOG last week, I just got my X-T1’s rear buttons upgraded by Fuji. The operation is not free though, and it cost me ¥8000 (+tax), because Fujifilm does not recognize the early design as a fault, and while I believe they should (otherwise why did they change it on the next batches?), having less mushy buttons was more important to me than starting a never-ending debate. They also cleaned the camera in the process. Bill The operation in itself is probably not too long nor complicated, but the Fuji service center initially asked me to leave them the camera for 10 days, as they need to send it to their repair center. The good news is that they called me to inform me the camera was ready for pick-up after only 5 days, and indeed the rear buttons of the D-pad now “click” when I press them, making the camera feel more responsive even though nothing else has changed. The other good news’s that they repaired my MHG-XT handgrip, after the screw blew-up when i tried to remove the handgrip when i handed over my camera for the repair. This came for free, and helped ease the angriness I had after the incident. I will keep using this grip for the time being, but i will replace it with the Really Right Stuff L-plate if i need to bring again the camera in tougher conditions (in this case my guess is that it was the usage of the camera with a temperature close to 0 in higher altitude that fragilized the accessory)… While I was at the Fuji center, i took this opportunity to have a look at some of the upcoming XF lenses. More on that here

12 thoughts on “Fuji X-T1 rear D-Pad upgrade (and the handgrip is back!)

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    1. Hi Florian,

      As the issue has not been officially recognized by Fujifilm as such, I am not sure if the impacted serial numbers have been documented for new buyers. On the other hand, it is likely that they are the same as for the light leak issue, which was recognized by Fuji: 41002001-41006000

      Having said that, if you already bought the X-T1 and your camera is affected you will know right away, when you press the button there just won’t be a click, it will feel like you just pressed your button in some sort of buttery hole 🙂

  2. You press the buttons and if they don’t click and feel mushy you have the problem. If you have to ask you don’t have the problem 🙂

    BTW, I’ve handled two XT-1 that my friends own: the first from an early production run had obviously mushy buttons the second from a later run was clearly clicky. Night and day between the two. I was a little suprised as I though it was just folks complaining but the mushy buttons would drive me nuts.

    There was a lot number difference between the two in the serials which I don’t recall …

    Fuji should be doing this for free 😦

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  4. Suchy

    thanks for posing this. i have tried several times with Fuji Canada but they don’t recognize the problem. Its a shame as I see it as a bit of a blemish from an otherwise service oriented company. Annoys me enough that I won’t be in a hurry to buy from them again.

  5. Mrgooch

    I grew up with Fujifilm when it was FUJI in the 1950’s . It was changed to Fijifilm when they began to sell film. Now that film is no longer there primary product why don’t they change their name back to FUJI,it looks better on the cameras.

      1. It feels to me that there is a tiny tiny difference because you can feel the edges of the buttons a bit more protruding, but not enough to be really able to say that this part has been improved in my opinion.

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