Hands-on the Fujifilm X-Pro2 and more!

To see what the prototypes of the X-Pro2 looked like, click here!

Happy birthday X-Series!


A 5th anniversary was definitely worth a special event! If you go to the Fujifilm Square in Tokyo Midtown this week, you will have the opportunity to listen to live talks from many worldwide famous X-photographers (think David Hobby, Zack Arias…) and see 100 wonderful pictures taken by anonymous users of Fuji cameras (the print quality is fantastic, wish my entry had been selected 😦 ).


But you will also have the opportunity to put your hands on all the upcoming products that Fujifilm announced during their special event yesterday:

  • X-Pro2: the much anticipated update of the X-Pro1, correcting the flaws of the original model (AF comes first to mind…) and boasting a brand new sensor (now 24 Megapixels) and new processor
  • X-E2s: minor tweaks in terms of ergonomics but mainly firmware improvements that will also be made available to the X-E2 owners
  • X70: a fixed focal compact camera, a sort of smaller X100 (I can see great usages for it if I am given one, by to be honest I don’t see anyone going to a store with the idea of buying a camera ending up choosing this one, sounds like a very niche product to me)
  • XP90: new iteration in the Fuji rugged camera line, with what seems to be a minor update
  • Fujinon XF100-400mm F4.5-5.6: the ultra-zoom promised on the XF lenses roadmap
  • EF-X500: a new flash with TTL and for the first time in the Fuji lineup High-Speed Sync (HSS), to be released in May


The first thing that comes to mind when looking at the X-Pro2 is that it looks very familiar: the external design and the dimensions remain very close to the ones of the original X-Pro1. However, beyond first looks, many (much needed!) changes have been made in terms of ergonomics.


The buttons on the back of the camera have now all been moved to the right of the body, allowing operations with one hand only. Holding and using your camera with your right hand only is further facilitated by the extra care that has been put into the thumb grip at the back of the body, allowing a firm grip.


The addition of a thumb-operated joystick is a small change in terms of design, but a massive improvement in terms of user experience when chosing your focus point (I have always claimed that the original AF point selection method on the X-Pro1 and X-E1 was cumbersome and a design flaw). Speaking of AF, the phase AF area is now much wider. It still does not cover the full screen (roughly half in fact), but at least it now covers the areas that matter.


The ISO selection is now made via a dial that is incorporated inside the shutter speed selection dial. You just need to pull this dial, and then when you turn it will rotate the ISO dial. Having a dedicated mechanical ISO dial is one of the reasons why the X-T1 is my favorite of the current cameras, as having to go inside a menu to change an ISO is just painful and takes you out of your thought process while shooting, in my opinion.


There are obviously many more changes to the X-Pro2 (dual SD card slots, weather sealing, new sensor, new processor, etc…) compared to the X-Pro1, but I will stop the comparison there for the moment.


On another note, I also tried the upcoming ultra-zoom XF100-400mm F4.5-5.6. In the grand scheme of ultra-zooms, this lens is small and light, but it is always shocking when you see it for the first time, as it looks huge compared to the body. I will be renting (it will be the most expensive XF lens when it comes out!) this lens for birdwatching when it comes out to see how it performs in real life.


I am also looking for May when the EF-X500 is set to be released, as I have been eagerly waiting for HSS. I can confirm that when this flash comes out, there will be a firmware update at the same time that will enable HSS for the X-T1 (not sure about older models).



That’s it for now in Tokyo, I am now waiting for David Hobby’s presentation to start at Fujifilm HQ, which will be followed by Zack Arias’ one 😉

Talk to you soon.

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