Bonus: This is what the X-Pro2 might have looked like

For a presentation of all the products officially announced by Fujifilm this week, click here!

Before releasing the X-Pro2, Fujifilm has worked on many prototypes, which eventually evolved into the final version of the camera that has just been unveiled to the public. Exceptionally, Fuji is showing some of these prototypes to the public during the event celebrating the 5th anniversary of the X-Series.

Interestingly, the first of these prototypes looked thinner than the X-Pro1. However it seems that the feedback Fuji received from test users was that they preferred dimensions closer to the ones of the X-Pro1, as can be seen in the next prototypes and the X-Pro2 itself. Another key difference with the X-Pro1 was the addition of a diopter adjustment dial (around the viewfinder, while the one of the final version is a small dial on the side).



The newt prototype seems to have been focused on a better thumb grip, with also some experimentations with dials on the back of the bod that did not make it to the final version.



In the final prototype displayed, we can see the appearance of an ISO setting dial on the back of the body. Also, the “Menu/OK” seems to be usable as a joystick (or maybe a trackball?).


And of course, here is the (much more polished) final version that was officially launched. Note that all the prototypes displayed at this event have buttons on the left of the screen, so the (good) idea of moving all the buttons to one side seems to have been a recent one.



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