Photographing the Autumn leaves in Nikko

A few pictures from a day-trip to Nikko last Autumn that I did not have the opportunity to post on this blog earlier (this article has been in draft mode for 3 months now!). This was not my first trip to Nikko, so, rather than trying to hit all the “must-see” spots in the area, I took my time to explore the area above the Ryuzu waterfalls, though I did not have enough time to go hiking in the Senjogahara Marshland (戦場ヶ原, Senjōgahara) and will have to go back for that.

Gear: Fujifilm X-T1 + XF16-55mmF2.8 R LM WR

If you are visiting Japan, Nikko is really worth the trip (for a long day or 2 days) if you are worried you allocated too much of your time to Tokyo. Unfortunately, some of the shrines are being renovated at the moment, so make sure you double-check for that before planning your visit. For an exhaustive guide of “What to see” in Nikko, check the excellent

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