About Gritty Monkey

Originally from France, I have been living the dream in Tokyo since 2008.

I blog about photography. I share the pictures I take throughout Japan or anywhere in South-East Asia where I am often traveling. For example, this day trip to Oarai, a small city on the eastern coast of Japan.

I also talk about the gear I use. I have been an early adopter of the Fujifilm X-Series, and I now mainly shoot with the X-T1. I do reviews of the Fuji gear (mainly lenses) I am interested in as it comes out (which is usually earlier in Japan compared to Western countries), focusing on sharing samples and user experiences, rather than shooting charts or brick walls.  For example, this review of the XF50-140mmF2.8 zoom.

Monkey Face

For previews of what I am working on, behind the scenes images and random snaps of my daily life in Tokyo, follow me on Instagram: Balbo42

To contact me, you can reach out on Twitter: @greenbalbo

For a gallery of my latest images, head towards my Flickr page: Balbo42

You can also subscribe to the blog to get notified every time a new article gets published.

Talk to you soon!


6 thoughts on “About Gritty Monkey

  1. Nico

    Just purchased a Fuji XT1 – Video on Youtube are handy – Thanks ! Keep up the good work.
    Some tips for future subjects for your Youtube movies on XT1
    1/ Long Time Exposure pictures
    2/ Focusing & Burst Mode
    3/ Comparing XF10-24 and XF18-55 lenses in panorama mode

    Thanks again

  2. Penny

    Hello! I am from a hotel group who own and manage a fantastic collection of award-winning hotels & resorts. Wrote to you last week via Flickr, expressing interest in purchasing one of your images from Koh Samui – have not heard from you, so I am pressing my luck here. Hear from you soon!


  3. Nick Coates

    Hi – I like one of your images of the kimono-clad girls at the coming of age ceremony in Tokyo. I am starting a new small travel company in the UK, featuring ski holidays to Japan. I was wondering if I could use this photo – afraid I don’t have much of a budget, but I’d love to use this photo if possible. Is this okay?


  4. dan rudy

    After all of my research, I am was about ready to buy the x-t1 but was bothered by the limited +1/-1 on auto bracketing for my planned HDR photos.
    I came across your video on youtube introducing the remote app . The app looks great. I started thinking that perhaps I could use the remote app to change the exposure compensation while camera is in auto bracketing mode and thus allow me to remotely trigger the camera rather quickly (albeit not as quickly if the camera automatically shot off continuous 5 or 7 shots) gather 5 or 7 exposures at several different triggers. The benefit wouldbe that I would not actually have to touch the camera and potentially move it while changing the dial.
    Will the remote app work with Exposure compensation and allow me to create this work around for HDR and overcome the limited +1/-1 range in the auto bracket feature?

    1. Hi Dan,

      Thanks for your comment. As far as I can tell, even if you put your camera on bracketing mode, it will not bracket if shot from the remote app.

      You could still use the app to take every exposure one after the other, so that you don’t have to touch the camera and risk moving it slightly. But that could end up being quite cumbersome I you want 9 exposures…

      I agree that Fujifilm need to implement more bracketing options. 3 exposures different by only one stop from each other is not really useful.

      1. dan rudy

        Thanks for replying Damien…
        Flipping through the remote app adjusting the exp comp will work but it make take about 10 seconds (I am told) which should be ok for a building but might give some motion in clouds or trees….probably wont be to bad. ANother thought that occurred to me was to just use the autobracketing that is in camera and rely on the dynamic range in the RAW files to tweak the images in photoshop. For example, I suppose I can take the plus 1 image and extend it to 2 or 3 and do the reverse for the -1 image and extend it to -2 or -3 in photoshop without adding too much noise if the dynamic range in the images is good enough (which I am led to believe is very good). Thus, I can create my differnet exposures with help of computer and then combine them into a single HDR….thing that would work?

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