Heavy rain in Tokyo

It’s been raining really hard in Tokyo today, so that the Japan Meteorological Agency was forced to issue official warnings about heavy rain and potential floods, that were disseminated to the population via messages sent directly to everyone’s smartphones:  

When you think that 2 weeks ago we had a crazy blue sky but everyone was complaining that the summer was too hot and humid…

The situation is not as bad though as in some places in the Shizuoka prefecture that have been completely flooded due to the passage of Typhoon Etau

Photowalk in Eastern Tokyo

My computer is now finally at the repair center (had to wait 4 days to have an appointment at the Apple Store…). I hope to get more news in the next 2 days, hopefully some good ones that don’t come at a hefty price. Since I still can’t do any proper editing, Let me share some iPhone shots instead. These ones are from a short Photowalk I did last Sunday in eastern Tokyo.

I started from the Kanda station, and took the direction of the Kanda shrine.



I made a small detour on the way to pass through this well-known vantage point in Ochanomizu.

It had actually been several years that I had not visited the Kanda shrine, as I am most of the time more on the western side of Tokyo, so I took the time to enjoy the place.

Because the Kanda shrine is close to Akihabara, you will see many ema like this one:

I had initially planned to continue towards Akihabara, which is literally 5min away by walking from the shrine, but it started to rain heavily so instead I took the train back towards Shiodome and concluded this day by a wonton soup at DinnTai Fung 😉

A good walk overall despite of the unfriendly weather (and a nice dinner), in an area that is somewhat quieter and less crowded than other areas of Tokyo that might be more prominent in travel guides, definitely worth the small detour if you have planned a visit to Akihabara.