My Fuji X-T1is already back with the light leak fix!

After less than 10 days, my Fuji X-T1 is already back from Fujifilm’s factories, where the light leak issue got fixed. I tried to take a 30s exposure with the lens cap on the lens while directing a flashlight into the side panel with the cover open, and true enough all I got was a completely black frame with no sign at all of light leak.


The body was also completely cleaned before being sent back directly to my home, and all that for free. The following letter of apology and explanation on what was done to the camera was included for the package (Japanese only since I live in Japan…). Well, to be honest as i cannot read Japanese, this is just my guess 🙂



Fujifilm X-T1 Light Leak Issue

Fujifilm has acknowledged that some of the recently issued X-T1 cameras will suffer from light leak via the input slots on the side of the camera, when using a remote control (hence you have the floppy side open) during a (very) long exposure (typically with a 10-stops ND filter, you would not notice anything if you only shoot short exposures handheld). Unlike some of its competitors who brought shame on themselves (yes I am talking about you Nikon D600/D610…) and lost the trust of long-time users of the brand (like myself), Fujifilm has already announced it would fix the issue on your X-T1 for free, without waiting for the threat of a class action lawsuit or anything like that. You care about the trust of your customers or you don’t…

Leaving the X-T1 behind...

So I went to Fujifilm Square near Midtown in Tokyo today (open on a Sunday!), and left them my X-T1 for repair. They took my address and will send it back directly to my home in 2 weeks, and presented me with lengthy apologizes for the problem.

All the informations (in Japanese), with the serial number of the potentially impacted cameras, can be found here.

See you in 2 weeks, my dear X-T1, already missing you 😦