A day trip to Oarai part1: Isosaki-Jinja

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Oarai is a small town located North-East of Tokyo in the Ibaraki prefecture, known for its fishing port, its beach and its famous aquarium. But the place that I personally wanted to visit there was its shrine located just opposite to the seafront: Isosaki-jinja.

The shrine is only a 30-min walk from the Oarai train station, but I decided to make a small detour via the port area on the way there, so that I could see the Marine Tower:

Isosaki-jina is located on a small hill directly facing the Pacific ocean, that you can access directly via stairs, with a large Torii gate at the bottom.

Once you arrived to the waterfront, you will find a small Torii gate built upon rocks right into the ocean, which creates a beautiful scenery.

The shrine itself and its surroundings: