Celebrating 300 followers on Instagram!


300 might not sound like an important milestone for those who have thousands, but never forget 300 Spartans only (allegedly) achieved during the battle of the Thermopylae 😉

A huge thank you to the 300 people (hopefully not too many robots there, though Instagram is flooded with spams) who are following me 🙇

Now looking forward to the next 300 😉

By the way, if you wonder how I did the simple graphic at the top of this post, it’s very easy. There clearly should be no need to launch something as heavy and complicated as inDesign or Photoshop for something as simple as adding a text on an image with a circle around it… I actually did it in 1min on my phone, using the Adobe Post app (if you have an iPhone  it’s free on the AppStore). It comes with several basic designs. You only need to choose your image, select one preset and a color palette, and that’s it! Find out more about this app on Scott Kelby’s blog